We’re big on setting expectations, so here goes…

You won’t get the same level of results if you work with us just to implement a bundle of services for your company rather than taking advantage of our Top Gun solution, The Wright Process.

Because we do high-quality work and understand the big picture, however, our fixed-deliverable bundles are definitely effective in the right circumstances.

But its a bit like learning to fly a jet by reading books – sure, you can probably take the stick in clear weather, going straight…but what happens when the fog rolls in or something goes wrong with your plane?  Don’t you want an expert sitting next to you in the cockpit?

To get back to marketing, that equivalent level of proficiency may get you a 200% or 300% Return on Investment.  (Only!)

So if you don’t have the time or financial resources to implement The Wright Process now, bundles are a fantastic, and still profitable, way to start.

Once you see the return from those services, then maybe we can work together on implementing our Top Gun solution down the road.

Article Marketing Bundle

Article Marketing can be incredibly effective if done correctly. We work with you to come up with relevant topics to your prospective customers, and then write the articles ourselves, here – in California.
We don’t outsource this critically important task, and when we are representing you and your company by what we write, would you want us to?
We then work with actual human beings to publish your articles – not some spammy, free-for-all article directory. (There are various article directories that can be very effective…but that’s outside the scope for now.)

Lead Capture Bundle

If we had to pick the #1 thing that most websites do poorly, it would be capturing visitor information.
Lead capture is more than just putting a simple form up on your website, however.
You need to have the full strategy – from the overall design and conversion-friendliness of your website, to what your “lead magnet/irresisible offer” is, to how many fields you require your visitor to fill out, to what you do with that information after you obtain it.
Even if you do everything else “just okay,” this is something you HAVE to do, and do correctly.

PPC Advanced Bundle

This is the Ninja-level setup for PPC.
It includes all kinds of cool stuff like Conversion Optimizer, Remarketing, Display advertising, YouTube integration, Google Website Optimizer, Click-to-Call, Google Merchant Center integration, Advanced ad writing and split-testing, automation of your AdWords account, keyword prospecting, and all kinds of other profitable things that can be done by true AdWords experts.
It also includes the setup of Pay-Per-Click on the Bing platform – which we only do after AdWords is working profitably.

Press Release Bundle

Press Release Marketing is pretty similar to Article Marketing.
You can outsource the creation of your press release so that you have a boring, non-compelling, non-newsworthy press release.
Then you can release it to a bunch of free press release services that will “get you some backlinks.” You won’t get any media coverage…because the media doesn’t look at those kind of junk sites where people don’t have to put at least a little skin in the game.
So sure, you’ll get a few backlinks for your (probably) non-keyword optimized release. And as Google discounts simple backlinks more and more over time, those efforts will be virtually worthless.
Or, you can do it our way – well-written, well-researched, optimized press releases that are released to the largest and most respected sites in the industry, and where media outlets look for content to publish.

Google Places Bundle

Google Places is one of the most important things for you to do well if you are a local business owner.
Google is placing a huge amount of importance on how well you represent your business locally, combined with the entire “+” initiative.
Putting up a Places Page isn’t enough – you need content, up-to-date communication, photos, videos, and lots of positive reviews.
Don’t underestimate this one.

PPC Starter Bundle

We’ve got a very dry, technical document on the items we perform under our Pay-Per-Click Starter Bundle – so if you want that detail, let us know and we’ll get it to you.
But the basics of getting PPC setup correctly involve a substantial amount of customer, industry, and keyword research, combined with a very structured PPC account setup.
This includes not only handing geography and budgets correctly, but also bid types, time of day/week, negative keywords, split-testing, and all kinds of other stuff.
You need this, and we love to do it because there are such quick results from it. Take advantage of our fixed-price bundle and don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars with an agency to handle this.

Social Media Bundle

If you read our “Wright Process” document, you’ll notice that we don’t start even thinking about Social Media until way down the road.
Getting a huge amount of likes or retweets or pluses or Diggs or whatever doesn’t do diddly for you if your sales funnel isn’t working well – and profitably.
But once it is, the trust you can build and the relationships you can nurture from Social Media can make a huge impact in your overall online presence.
Like most of what we do, this isn’t one-size-fits-all. Outside of the major sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, there are lots of different things you can do which may or may not be effective, and although this is a “fixed-deliverable” bundle, it isn’t cookie-cutter.
We’ll work with you to make sure we use the right channels, create the right plan and calendar, and do it the right way.

Video Bundle

Video is enormously powerful in the world of online marketing. The search engines love it because it is such high-value content, so they rank video stuff really well.
But that’s only a small piece of it.
Outside of the huge number of people that it can bring you, video is fantastic for establish expert status, building relationships, and building trust.
A well-designed video campaign will use the right kind of video presentation for the audience, be optimized for the search engines, but also be carefully scripted and presented to always be moving the relationship with your potential customer forward.
In addition to the client-acquisition side of things, video can help you streamline, automate, and optimize your product and service delivery processes, as well as client training, free bonuses or other “items of value.”
The 800 lb. gorillas in online marketing have been using video for years now. But pretty soon (if not already), if you don’t have a solid video strategy, the mom-and-pop operation down the street will start dominating your market rather than you.