The Wright Process

This page contains the most valuable document I’ve ever published on our website.

It is the culmination of all information I’ve gathered in the years since I first played with the Internet at the offices of Sun Microsystems in El Segundo back in late 1994.

If you haven’t gotten the results you’ve wanted online, I hope you’ll download the PDF file below.  (I’m working on a version to copy in directly below this page as well, but the formatting of the PDF will be far superior.)  Please also see the note about Google Chrome below the image below.

But quickly, The Wright Process is an extensively-tested, in-the-trenches approach to starting slowly, carefully, and intelligently so that you can absolutely dominate your market – AFTER you’ve gotten your core process optimized.

We’re giving this away because we like to live in the “Abundance Mindset.”  We think this can help people approach online marketing the right way, and not get taken by all the smooth-talking “we’ll get you ranked #1 on Google” idiots out there.  There’s no black magic or secret ingredients left out so that it won’t work – the internal version of this is the exact manual that our team works from.

So read it, think about it, and if you are serious about marketing online…execute!

If you have any questions after reading this, I encourage you to take us up on our 60-minute FREE strategy session and get them answered.  Of course we’d love to help you long-term if you decide you would like that, but this phone call will not be a sales pitch.



The Wright Process cover image

Click on the image to download the PDF… ***NOTE: If you are using Google Chrome, it only downloads the first page (it works fine in all other browsers.)  We’ll figure this out, but please email me if you use Google Chrome and I’ll send it to you right away!