Local Search Marketing Expert Scott Harvey Shows Local Businesses How to Make Their Phones Ring More in New Internet Marketing LinkedIn Group

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LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif., Dec. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Local Search & Website Marketing Expert Scott Harvey has created a new LinkedIn group for local brick and mortar business owners and managers who want to increase their traffic, conversions and profits with better website marketing.

Inside this new local search and website marketing discussion group for local business owners, Harvey reveals his top ten search engine optimization (SEO) tips, how to get your website noticed in seven steps, the best website marketing resources for local businesses and a step-by-step setup for Google Places.

Many of Harvey’s conversations and discussions in the group are based off the website marketing content found inside his recently published book, Make the Phone Ring: The Secrets of Cost-Effective Online Marketing. Inside this book, Harvey outlines the exact steps any local business owner can take to make his website more “search engine friendly,” and to get his site to show up higher in the search engine results.

Local business owners can see these discussions at http://www.JointheInternetMarketingDiscussionforLocalBusinesses.com.

When asked why he created this new local search marketing and website marketing LinkedIn group, Harvey said, “Because I know what it takes to market a website and get visibility. You don’t just build a site and hope people come to it and buy something. People won’t come to it just because it’s there. However, many local business owners do not understand that they have to engage in active, continuous and cost-effective website marketing.”

Harvey says, “I also created this local search marketing and website marketing LinkedIn group because I see many marketers making the mistake of wanting to get their sites ranked, and even successfully doing so, for keyword terms that don’t lead to purchases. This is a pure waste of money.”

According to Harvey, effective website marketing is much more than just getting visitors. Local business owners need to get the right visitors and induce those visitors to opt-in or make a purchase. He hopes that his new LinkedIn group will become an active and valuable venue for discussion of these issues.

Local business owners can join the discussions and debates at http://www.JointheInternetMarketingDiscussionForLocalBusinesses.com.

Harvey’s LinkedIn group was created under the direction of LinkedIn Marketing Expert Kristina Jaramillo of http://www.GetLinkedInHelp.com.

Jaramillo mentioned, “Scott has so much content available on his blog at http://www.HonestWebsiteMarketing.com that it only made sense to create a community of entrepreneurs, business owners and local business marketers who are looking to educate themselves on how to get better results from their websites through better Internet and website marketing.”

For more information on Harvey’s Internet Marketing Discussion LinkedIn Group, go to: http://www.JointheInternetMarketingDiscussionForLocalBusinesses.com .

About Local Search & Website Marketing Expert Scott Harvey:

Scott Harvey’s background is as an entrepreneur and “technical guy” who built and ran a software company of some 50 people that was ultimately sold to a Fortune 1000 company, so he thoroughly understands software and websites and search engine optimization. He’s also a skilled marketer, having achieved further sales and marketing success with a very large company in the wholesale mortgage arena, as an account executive, and also as liaison between the enterprise-level marketing committee and the IT department.

Scott thinks that this ability to see both the broad picture, and the details, gives him the insight to be able to rapidly analyze a website and how it’s being promoted and marketed, see what could be improved, and know how to do it cost-effectively.

An article Harvey recently wrote on the importance of claiming your Google Places listing, and the right way to do it so as to gain the maximum benefit, was published, featured or linked from numerous high-profile publications including SiteProNews and the New York Times.

This article can be found on his blog, along with 4 accompanying step-by-step videos, at http://www.HonestWebsiteMarketing.com .

Contact: Scott Harvey, scott@HonestWebsiteMarketing.com, (800) WEB-6006

Website: http://www.HonestWebsiteMarketing.com

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